Brand Rep  western 




  • Must be a Canadian or US citizen

  • Must be 18+ to apply.

  • Must have a public Instagram Profile.


Rep Information:


Brand reps will receive a discount code for themselves and a code for friends and family to use.


We require Brand Reps to promote giveaways and sales.


You’ll tag us in any social media posts that are posted with Beauty & Grit products.


Minimum one purchase a month will be required to keep your closet up to date.


Minimum 3 posts a month that are high quality photos so Beauty & Grit Boutique can use your photo on our social media.

Money that is saved by friends and family will be credited towards your next purchase.



 How to Apply:


          Email the following information to


  • Link to your social media pages.

  •  A small introduction about yourself

  • Include your age and where you are located.

  • Why you would like to work with Beauty & Grit Boutique.



We cannot wait to work with you!